React is nothing Without these Javascript concepts!

Make React easier by learning these javascript concepts.

Harsh Prateek
2 min readJun 7, 2022
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Let’s get this thing straight, React is a library of javascript, which means everything we ever do in React, is all just javascript.

All those JSX, hooks, constants, functions, components and everything that makes React so cool is essentially Javascript, just that we do not see it ever since the React compiler takes care of it for us.

This is the reason that devs who are good at javascript, eventually learn ReactJS easier than devs who are not so good at javascript.

What if I tell you there is a hack? A workaround that ensures minimum knowledge of Javascript but still gives you the same control and ease over React as a seasoned JS dev has.

This article would be just that workaround, you may still need to learn javascript but that would be nothing compared to how vast the language truly is.

These are only the features of javascript used regularly in React and can make you look like a JS pro in React, even though you may not be one.

Here is the list of all the features of javascript that you need to cover before learning React.

Trust me, if you skip them then you will waste a lot of time googling nonsense as I did when I was starting with React(lol).

Here is the complete list:-

  1. Async/await
  2. fetch API
  3. Arrow function
  4. Template literals
  5. Ternary operators
  6. let and const variables
  7. Import and export of modules
  8. Array destructuring
  9. Rest parameters
  10. Javascript Class and objects

This may be looking too overwhelming and intimidating list but this is nothing compared to the entire language of Javascript.

It is just way too big for even the pros to master especially after the release of ES6 in 2015.


It was just a short blog and I know that. I planned to post an article every day so I would be covering all these concepts in two or three posts so that just one post doesn’t become too long.

I hope you got the insight you needed for learning ReactJS. In the meantime check out this post about let and const variables, it would be beneficial.

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